Community Coworking+Well-Being Round Table :: Melbourne

Date :: Monday 3rd December 2018
Time :: 10.30 am to 1.30 pm
The Venue :: Private Venue in Donvale
Price:: $47
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This event is for you if you want to connect, discover and embody creating a business that you love or be in business in a way that suits you.

WE come together to share with you the wisdom and knowledge of being in business with a holistic approach – one that is beyond the way most business is happening as at the moment.

This months event we will be communing to co-work!

With 2 business and well-being consultants on hand, now is your opportunity to be Practising Business Holistically.

The morning will include::

+ Well-being practice to help you have a morning of success

+ Short topic discussion and intention setting

+ Opportunity to implement for your specific business, a working session for you to use your 3 brains in business with the support of Anna and Marilou.

Using the 3 brains in business of instinct, intuition and intellect we can harness greater cooperation, collaboration and position ourselves as respected leaders in our fields of what we are doing every day – our vocation, our calling.

This is an introductory session for $47. This includes a snack and drink and a contribution to our community development and amenities.

Now is your chance for you to have your questions answered if you get stuck, with a side-table break out conversation, so you also won’t get disturbed if you really want to get that one task finished!

Date :: Monday 3rd December 2018

Time :: 10.30 am to 1.30 pm

The Venue :: Private Venue in Donvale

The exact location will be emailed to you on booking confirmation.
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We’ll provide snacks and if you’d like lunch you can BYO.

Parking is available at the location.

In booking this event, you agree to photos and video being taken at the event with you present. We may use this footage or images in future marketing. Please contact a host if this is an issue for you.

This is a conscious collaboration between Anna Grillo – Kinesiologist and Emotional Intelligence Coach, Marilou Coombe – Children Coach & Yoga Teacher and Leah Kearns Founder of WE-Being

Anna Grillo ::

is a kinesiologist and emotional intelligence coach who specialises in helping clients manage their stress (be it physical, emotional or energetic in nature), find and follow their true passions, and helping those who are unable to identify what it actually is that makes them feel ‘out of sorts’, as though they are searching for something more to their lives.

Anna helps women in all aspects of self-care, mindset, relationships, career, and intuitive parenting. Her ultimate goal is to inspire, educate and empower women to reclaim their true self.

Marilou Coombe ::

Marilou is a coach and mentor, author, yoga teacher and passionate about all aspects of life.With a Bachelor in Social Science, Certificate IV in training, and coaching training including NLP, she is passionate about helping children and families live a highly purposeful life.

Focusing on working with children and instilling empowering mindsets from early on in life, her mission is to empower them to have a strong self-belief stemming from their core to achieve anything they set out to do. and to be someone in their life that they can reach out to, without receiving any criticism or judgement.

She loves and is driven by connection: to self and to others! She weaves yoga, meditation and all of her life experience into her work to create magic for children!

WE-Being ::

WE-Being is a movement creating conscious, connected community to support well-being and wellness, one individual at a time.

WE-Being founder – Leah Kearns ::

is a corporate escapee strategic business consultant specialising in startup, idea and challenge activation using conscious holistic business and life practices.

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